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Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

— Jim Rohn


Paper management is an important part of digitization, house management, and organization!


At home and at work. That’s why it is offered by NeatlyTidy!

We explain to you here what paper management is, how it works, and what are the advantages of adopting it.


What paper management is?

To start with, there are not many definitions for paper management. But it is closely related to document management. Document management can be presented as the process of identifying, storing, updating, and sharing data – mostly for a workflow to progress. Centralized and secured data allow businesses to protect personal data and to access information efficiently.

Good paper management is essential for an organized and structured activity and life. For instance, digitizing paper is a great way to reduce paper in the home or office. Indeed, there is a lot of paper that you don’t need in physical form, yet that you cannot get rid of.

That’s is why for your paper management, you have to digitize, to scan. Yet always be careful anyway: Keep both paper and digital copies of your most important documents. Also, this is really important, you have to organize very wisely your digital, digitize documents carefully too.

Paper and all your documents management

Everything counts in documents and paper management. Digital mess is still mess. That is why, if you decide to minimize the mess in your papers, you also have to pay attention to your digital mess in your devices. Smartphone, computer, tablet. You might be surprised not to need as many devices or apps inside them.


In a few words, in this line, the digital revolution has been of great help to the minimalist movement. And for paper management! It features several advantages. You can check them on our page about house management!

How to do paper management?

Thanks to the digital age, you can follow basic rules to become a master of paper management. Which is still a big issue. Indeed, we use and consume as much paper as we did twenty years ago. So it is really relevant. Moreover, we consume more information than in the past because it is more and more accessible and we use multiple formats: emails, multiple forms of social media, websites, newsletters, etc. Papers, documents, and mails management is a big part of our professional and individual lives.

Here goes our advice on how-to do-good paper management.

Get an actual inbox for incoming mail.
This is for mails that you want or need to read.

Keep the junk mail away, it has no business being in your house.

    • Adopt binders and good folders

Have a place to save home/business/personal papers with a simple system. Here some examples of the categories you might need to sort out: Home, auto, health, life documents, employment, etc.

    • Don’t use your email inbox as your to-do list

You may think this one has nothing to do with paper, I find that email becomes its own dragon to fight sometimes. That’s why you have to be careful with the documents in your email box. Indeed, for instance, leaving an email message in your inbox as a reminder to do something later is often a waste of time, as it gets lost within other messages, away from immediate view and so away from what you are doing.

    • Active papers on your desk must be in a vertical order

This way they take up less space and eliminate visual clutter. Remember that the more your eyes see, the more they have to process! If you’re going to be using the same papers for a while for a current project, store those in a vertical file so you can easily see them.

    • Don’t leave the paper management to the last minute

The more you will wait to sort out and organize your newspapers in the future, the hardest it will always get. Everyone’s paper situation is different, but I hope these tips will help you to get started.

Paper management benefits

Finally, taking time to concentrate on a good paper management system, solutions, will bring you many benefits. First, by taking care of your paper management, you will find what you need more quickly, and you will gain time. Then, you will be in fact less distracted and thus more productive. Another important benefit is that thanks to that process, you will accomplish more! You will be clearer in your head, less overwhelmed, and less stressed out.


Paper management is part of the minimalist approach and a major part of organizing a life, a business.

That’s why NeatlyTidy help you to do it well!

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