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The bad news is time flies. The good news is you’re the pilot.

—  Michael Altshuler

A student’s life is specific!

There are specific rules. The student has to manage his day between attending courses, preparing the next one, performing some assignments.

That’s why it is imperative to be well organized to manage well one’s time. Here we give you many tips to optimize your time management as a student.


Time management and student life

To begin with, let’s explain here what time management is precisely. Time management is managing to coordinate the things you have to do daily – tasks, activities, laundry, groceries - in a small amount of time. Because time flies, you have to take control of your time! As a person, you have to maximize your productivity and efficiency. Mostly, time management is about getting more done – and better – in less time.

Time management consists of a set of skills habits. Once you master them, you will be more efficient at time management and so less stressed out and happier.

Applied to students, this set of skills habits is how their time management will affect their studies, their performances, success. Because students have a busy schedule, it can be challenging for them to manage their time wisely, both academically and socially speaking.

During their school, university years, they will have to take into account requirements and personal activities along the way. They need to have the right daily routine.

Benefits of time management for students

Now, it is time to present you the benefits in terms of time management for students. Mainly, it will improve their study skills. Indeed, as professionals, students often start each new school year with positive and high expectations. They want to be successful. The thing is, not everyone manages to. It is mostly because they fail or don’t put together a realistic plan, habits for them to achieve excellent academic success. Time is precious. Before you know it, it is already the end of a term, a semester. There is no secret here; if you don’t want to be badly surprised by your results, you have to – as a student – manage your time on a daily, weekly, and semester basis to get concrete goals. You have to prepare a strategy for it!

How to manage student time

To achieve your student strategy and to better manage your time, here are a few steps. First, prepare a term calendar. Indeed, at the start of each new term, don’t get rush right in all the studies and activities you have to do. Take the right moment to look back at things, calm down, and prepare a calendar that covers the entire term. Of course, leave time for unexpected situations, but at least you have several factors written down.

Then, we recommend you prepare a weekly schedule. Your weekly schedule has to be ready at the beginning of each new week, ahead of time. For instance, you can do it on Sunday nights. Although you will be a minimum prepared, update your schedule as the week progresses. Review your class notes to see if there is each time anything you need to add and so on.

Finally, have a daily schedule! You probably think it is too much, but trust us, a regular schedule will make a difference in your student time management! Each evening prepare your program, a list, for your next school day. It does not have to be complicated, but at least you will be ready for the next day.

One of the keys is to start with a big picture and then break it down in little steps, details. Your term calendar will give you direction and instruction for accomplishing the big picture. The two other types of schedules give you the details to do so.

Time management advice

Also, there are a few other strategies that will help you accomplish more and make the most out of your student time.


As it will get more and more demanding as you progress through your education, start the habit of prioritizing. Study and do the different assignments that are the most difficult or essential first. It won’t be easy, but tackling the hardest subjects first – while you are still motivated – will make the rest of your studies much more manageable.

Have the right place to study

It is crucial to find the right place for you to study. A space free from distractions, calm, where you can concentrate. If you want to change your study space, it is okay, but make sure it still works for you.

Study time hours

Because the day is limited, you have to set up, allocate study time hours. To block in your schedule, hours that will be dedicated to studying. Depending on the subjects, it will be longer or shorter. Little by little, your brain will get used to work and focus mainly on these hours.

Schoolwork and activities

We recommend that you always put your schoolwork first as a priority and to schedule your other activities only after. Indeed, you have to get your homework done before you don’t have enough time anymore before you don’t have the energy for it. Complete your assignments as soon as possible. It will allow you to stay on track and focus on your funnier activities without the pressure of schoolwork afterward. Everything will be in order, at the right place.

Rely on the right resources

Moreover, don’t hesitate to use helpful resources. As you progress through, it is wise to rely on the right support, to ask for help, expertise, and knowledge from others. For example, to help you in your learning process, you can ask smart friends, tutors, teachers, join study groups, and search wisely on internet tutorials, videos, courses. Many resources help you to gain time and improve your skills too!

Joining a study group can offer you several advantages. Working in a study group enables you to research and learn about various topics quickly. To check if you have well memorized your subject. Each member has to have its responsibility in lifting others in the learning process.

Take care of yourself as a student

Last but not least, it is imperative to keep time in your schedule to take care of yourself! Don’t forget to get exercise, eat healthy, get the right amount of sleep! If you are not energized enough, you won’t be able to focus or concentrate well, to finish your homework efficiently. Go to bed one hour before everyone, and you will notice the difference daily! Finally, allow yourself to be flexible, you can’t plan everything! Just make sure to get back on track quickly and maintain your habits weekly.


We hope that as a student, it will help you at different levels! If you have any questions about time management, feel free to ask us!

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