Moving Pre-packing and Unpacking

Moving Pre-packing and Unpacking
Moving Pre-packing and Unpacking



















Be not afraid of moving slowly, Be only afraid of standing still.

— Chinese proverb

There are moments in life when you have to move stuff around!


Like for moves, long-time travels, and other life changes, you have to move stuff around. It is not always easy in such situations to sort out your stuff, to focus on the basics, to organize your life back on track. That’s why NeatlyTidy is here for you. You will see that for each step along the way; there are solutions of which you may not have heard.


Moving, pre-packing, and unpacking

To start with, let’s remind you what moving, pre-packing, and unpacking means and what they imply. First, moving. This process is relating to a transfer of location. It also refers more specifically to transferring furniture from one residence to another. Moving happens more or less regularly in one’s life.
Some people move all the time; others stay almost forever in the same place, in the same house, and is hardly ever displaced.

In any case, it often implies a big sort-out, making piles of what is more needed and what isn’t and so on.

Now, let’s go more into pre-packing and unpacking. It can be along with your moving or just occasionally for some travel. But here, let’s take it as a whole. This way, pre-packing is a step before packing thoroughly. It consists of making piles, tidying up what you will need later for sure, but not now.

Next step, unpacking is when you arrive at your final home/and or destination! It generally consists of opening and removing the items of suitcases, bags, big packages. Unpacking also consists of shift something from storage. Because it is a significant matter, our services of the organization and tidying your home include moving preparation and supporting through all your lives’ transitions. Our main goal is to help you benefit from great advice and be less stressed out, especially for new beginnings.


Relocating, moving is often quite stressful. Along with it, it’s your all-new life and the one you leave behind that are involved. We do understand how emotionally and physically draining the process is. It can be very overwhelming to deal with stuff you accumulated over many years! But don’t worry, you don’t have to do it all by yourself! We are here to help you organize your belongings, pack your boxes correctly and carefully. Without you realizing the whole process, you may find yourself quickly in your new place, ready to unpack!


Besides, if you are exhausted out of the process, that you don’t have time anymore to unpack all the boxes once in a new place and or you want to start your new life organized, let us help you! Indeed, we can take care of the unpacking process too. This way, you save a lot of time, and you can quickly enjoy your new home happily!


Minimalism, organizing our homes, and downsizing can be critical to different kinds of profiles. Whether you are seniors, youngsters, married, single. We fully understand that you don’t always have the possibility of managing your move independently. You must operate your move well, that you avoid putting your belongings too quickly inboxes.

That’s why we are here to help! We’ll take the time to consider each of your belongings as if there were ours.
Moreover, once you set up your new home, we will make sure it is a new journey for you. To do so, we will then optimize your new home, create valuable storage systems, and make the most out of it so you can fully enjoy your new life in it!

How we help through moving

To do so, we always start by decluttering your stuff, all you accumulated through the years.

The main goal is to decide what you will take with you to your new location. Then, once this is settled, don’t worry, we coordinate the giving away, recycling, and selling for all your unwanted items.

Most important we systematically put an inventory together, we label every box and carefully packed for delivery. We have expert movers. Once your boxes reach their new destination, we can also unpack your things for you and set up new spaces. Imagine yourself relaxing and just watching us doing so! Amazing, no? Of course, before leaving, we don’t leave it to hazard! We will indeed provide you with our best advice and solutions to maintain an organized space ahead.

Life transitions

You might be either youngsters thinking about downsizing, single and moving to a new space alone, or seniors preparing for a new chapter of your life. Don’t worry, and we fully understand that not everyone has the time to manage their move on their own! That’s why we are here. In severe life changes, you have other things to focus on; it is understandable! For instance, getting divorced is also like another full-time job. While you focus on this process and transition, we will have hands-on your entire home overview. It will be one less major thing for you to worry about and think about.

Finally, the death of beloved ones is heart-breaking and often leads to new transitions in life. You already have to manage the loss emotionally; you can quickly feel overwhelmed if you have to handle also the possessions and the heritage. We can ease a part of your burden by clearing out the home and assisting you in moving along the process with care and respect for you and your family.


We hope that you will now be less worried about significant organizing changes in your life, such as moving, pre-packing, and unpacking. If you need any assistance regarding these matters, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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