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A goal without a plan is just a wish

— Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

Your home is full of several belongings, documents, things you inherited!


Sometimes you don’t even remember each of them!
In case something happens and that suddenly you need to look at what you require within all of that, we recommend that you do – and keep updated after – a home inventory. It may seem a bit surprising as you are not a firm or else – but trust us, it will prove to be useful, and you will feel safe, relax, and more ready afterward! Let’s show you why it is essential and how to proceed.

The importance of a home inventory

To start with, here is why a home inventory is significant. Most homeowners are under-insured and not prepared in case an emergency comes to damage their home and their belongings severely. Indeed, according to the American National Association of Insurance Commission (NAIC), no less than 70% of current homeowners don’t have a home inventory, which would help then in case of say a fire or flooding to get reimbursed from their insurance.

That’s why all insurance companies strongly recommend their clients to have a home inventory. It will solve a lot of problems!

Organize your belongings

Moreover, inventorying your belongings will bring you many other benefits. You should do it! To do so, create an EXCEL file – or Google Sheets – and list every (valuable) single thing you have, sorted along different categories. Creating a documented file where you will find in a few looks – and just in one place - all you own of value or importance - will help you to be organized, prepared, and aware of the reality around your home.

You will gain this way a better view of your possessions, the status, and details for each. In case of a natural catastrophe, it will make a big difference to claim and get back the full value of your losses, instead of stressing out because you are trying to remember what you sadly lost. This data available and organized will always be useful for any purpose. Besides, it will help you to know whether you have to invest in some new materials or objects or if you have, in fact, everything you need already and that you just had forgotten it! You will return in full control of your house and all your belongings!

Benefits of having a home inventory

All in all, you will find several benefits of keeping a home inventory. Indeed, in summary, it can help you in terms of access, not overbuying, insurance, moving-pre-packing-and-unpacking, moving, and organization in general. We can count at least seven benefits for a home inventory:

  1. It allows you to know exactly where your belongings are located
  2. To eliminate duplications and over items purchases
  3. To remember of the status of your equipment maintenance and reduce high replacement costs
  4. Make sure you are adequately insured
  5. Have proof of your belongings in case of damages and thefts
  6. Create a moving list for when you will need it
  7. Create an estate planning

Just setting up a home inventory will get you back in total control and will help you to save more money!

Tools and help for your home inventory

In this process, why should you also do estate planning? In fact, because of the increasing number of items we own nowadays, estate planning is becoming a real challenge! According to Cindy Hartman from Nationwide Inventory Professionals, many people do not document their “belongings to ease the burden on their children.” In reaction to such kind of needs, we bring you help, and you can also rely on some tools for your home inventory.

Some tools help streamline the process of building a home inventory. For instance, you can add photos on your items’ list - it is significant and straightforward. Moreover, recording a few videos of your home can quickly be a solution for keeping and visualizing data.

Of course, using binders and printed materials is also another way to track a home inventory. You should always have digital and paper saved! Finally, a good and complete home inventory includes receipts, warranties, and owner’s equipment and home manuals.

What you need for your home inventory

You just need a few tools and objects to keep your home inventory in control: a computer, a camera, binders with your critical documents in it.


We hope that thanks to all our tips, you will no longer worry about keeping track of your belongings and your home organization. Having a home inventory is a necessity!

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