DeCluttering your Makeup
Tuesday 27th May 2020

DeCluttering your Makeup

Decluttering is not about minimalism or capsule collection or aspiring to a specific aesthetic or size of a collection. Adopting more mindful purchasing habits, being more aware of how and what we use in your collection and having the willingness to accept that sometimes products don’t work for you or you shouldn’t have purchased something, so you can let go of it, are the goals

Decluttering, Tidying, Challenge, Makeup

Decluttering  Shoes Challenge
Tuesday 20th May 2020

Decluttering Shoes Challenge

If you have been dealing with your shoe collection for a while it’s time to do it. Imagine opening your shoe closet every day and instantly find what you need.

Challenge, Decluttering, Tidying, Shoes

DeCluttering  Laundry Room Challenge
Tuesday 13th May 2020

DeCluttering Laundry Room Challenge

So, no matter your laundry room is a spacious room with a lot of storage or only a corner hidden away in the basement, it is essential to keep the place organized. This activity applies no matter where you do your laundry. Anywhere else your laundry area is, it likely has a mess. So let's sort out that clutter today and help make laundry a less overwhelming task!

Decluttering, Challenge, Laundry, Tidying

DeCluttering  Mudroom Challenge
Tuesday 22nd April 2020

DeCluttering Mudroom Challenge

Don't you wish you could get out the door on time each morning, with everything you need at hand? And wouldn't it be fantastic if you walked into a crisp, uncluttered space where you had room to drop your stuff after a long day at school or work?

Challenge, Mudroom, Tidying, Decluttering

DeCluttering  Master Bedroom Challenge
Tuesday 14th April 2020

DeCluttering Master Bedroom Challenge

Create your retreat to relax and unwind – it's not as hard as you think! I want you to make your bedroom a welcoming place. Your master bedroom should be your place for relaxation, not stress, but if it's messy and disorganized, this will be hard to achieve. No matter the reason for it, the disorganization is the enemy of relaxation. The mess is the last thing you see before falling asleep and the first thing to catch your eyes in the morning.

Decluttering, Challenge, Tidying, Master Bedroom

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