DeCluttering  Mudroom Challenge
Tuesday 22nd April 2020

DeCluttering Mudroom Challenge

Don't you wish you could get out the door on time each morning, with everything you need at hand? And wouldn't it be fantastic if you walked into a crisp, uncluttered space where you had room to drop your stuff after a long day at school or work?

Challenge, Mudroom, Tidying, Decluttering

DeCluttering  Master Bedroom Challenge
Tuesday 14th April 2020

DeCluttering Master Bedroom Challenge

Create your retreat to relax and unwind – it's not as hard as you think! I want you to make your bedroom a welcoming place. Your master bedroom should be your place for relaxation, not stress, but if it's messy and disorganized, this will be hard to achieve. No matter the reason for it, the disorganization is the enemy of relaxation. The mess is the last thing you see before falling asleep and the first thing to catch your eyes in the morning.

Decluttering, Challenge, Tidying, Master Bedroom

DeCluttering  Master Closet Challenge
Tuesday 10th April 2020

DeCluttering Master Closet Challenge

Today we are going to start decluttering your wardrobe. No matter the reason for it, it might be because your wardrobe is full of clothes you no longer wear, maybe you can't find what you need, or it's so jam-packed that your clothes get wrinkled. Imagine opening your closet every day and instantly find what you need. No matter the size of your closet, there is always a way to give him some attention and get it organized.

Decluttering, Challenge, Tidying, Master Closet, Clothes

DeCluttering Kid's Toys & Books Challenge!
Tuesday 7th April 2020

DeCluttering Kid's Toys & Books Challenge!

I hope you had fun decluttering your kid's clothes and shoes yesterday? Today we are going to work on another important category of the kid's room, the toys, and the books. They can be everywhere, in closets, drawers, nightstands, under the bed, or even worst in another room so look carefully to find them. Now you have a little idea of the process. So let's do it, put some music on to keep you motivated!

Decluttering, Challenge, Tidying, Kids, Toys, Books

DeCluttering Kid's Clothes & Shoes Challenge!
Tuesday 3rd April 2020

DeCluttering Kid's Clothes & Shoes Challenge!

For the first two days we are going to tackle the Kid's room. Today we are going to focus on the clothes and shoes. This can be a challenging one. Keep in mind that you have to make it fun if you want to involve your kids in the process. Let's get started!

Decluttering, Challenge, Tidying, Kids, Clothes, Shoes

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