Decluttering Shoes Challenge

Decluttering  Shoes Challenge
Declutter your Shoes

If you have been dealing with your shoe collection for a while it’s time to do it. Imagine opening your shoe closet every day and instantly find what you need.

Today we are going to start decluttering your shoes and face how much you have been accumulating!


No matter the reason you want to declutter, it might be because your shoe closet is full of shoes you no longer wear, maybe you change your style, or it's so jam-packed that you can't find what you need.
We can't all have an astonishing shoe closet like in the magazine. If shoe storage is a pain in the neck for you, you're not lonely.

Even if you keep them in a pile at the bottom of your wardrobe, or in their original boxes taking up space, it's often difficult to know the right way to store your shoes. When we have more shoes than we can wear, there can come a time when we want to reduce the number of shoes that add to your clutter.

Now might be the perfect time to make your daily life simpler.

Get your mind ready for the challenge. Set aside a few hours to dig up all of your shoes and remove the shoes that don't fit! Also, get rid of shoes that don't fit your lifestyle anymore, no matter how expensive and how much you love them. You won't wear these shoes anymore, and you need the space more.

How to declutter your Shoes?

Start by gathering all your shoes from around the house and make a giant pile so you can face up to just how many pairs you have. They can be in the mudroom in the front hall closet. If you eradicate to absolute basics, you really only need a few pairs of the following categories smart heels, smart pumps, casual boots, sneakers. Of course, you can keep more than that, but make sure they earn their space.
For my kids' shoes, I only keep the current size they are wearing.
Decluttering your closet is a task that can be eventually overwhelmed!
One pile at a time. That's all you can do. Remind yourself of your goal.
Evaluate each item, touch them only once and decide what to do with it, do you love it and want to keep it, or you don't like it; neither wear it and, you want to through it away.
If you don't know what to keep or not, ask you the following questions to help you to decide. Here are a few to start.
Do I love it?
Do I wear it?
Is it a present and you feel guilty? Most people will never know about the things you get rid of in your decluttering journey. It's ok to let it go.
Does it fit? Stop feeling guilty for unfitting into an item of clothing that you had. Also, toss the shoes that give you blisters.
Does it itch or scratch? Get rid of it right away.
Does it pinch my toes? Are the heels too high to be comfortable?
Do you always have something similar? If you have duplicates, white shirts, or black pants. Think if you need them all?
Or is it stained? Make it clean.
Is it damaged or dated? It's time to give up if you want to keep a memory, take a picture of it.


Take the time presently to plan these tasks into your week.
Put it on your calendar.


I want you to visualize how you want your shoe display to look like when it will over. Look for the accessories you need to get the look you want. Ask you how you can make it appealing by upgrading your storage shelves or boxes.
Would you like to add a coat of paint or some wallpaper, add some shelves or drawers?
Think to add some light and a full-length mirror so you can check how they fit when you try them on.


Print your checklists
Prepare your tools
Order and buy what you need
Gather your bins, bags or boxes
Prepare your labels if you want a picture of the shoe stick to the box.
Prepare the list where you want to donate, recycle, or sell your items.


Take out every shoe from around your house.
Vacuum and wipe the closet, shelves, and drawers
Sort by looking at each item and decide what your favorites are, what you want to keep maybe or what you want to get rid of
Get rid of the no brainer types of shoes to declutter first. To help you during this essential step, I have prepared a list of suggestions that might guide you through this process.
Put aside your favorite's shoes, the ones you want to keep
Group like shoes together, by style dressy and casual or by category like heels, flats, sneakers, sandals, boots.
Keep only how many you want to keep by categories. I have also prepared a list to help you decide how many you want to keep, of course, this is not exhaustive.
Keep the necessities first for each category.
Then eliminate by the ones you love the least until you reach the number you want to keep.
Keep in the storage only in-season. Remove out-season and place them in boxes. Store them in the top shelves
Make it appealing
Sticking a polaroid or a digitally printed photo of the shoes on each box's side is a great help.
Upgrade your Closet Accessories

Place back…

When you're ready to tidy your shoes in your closet, don't just stick everything in at random. Organize your wardrobe in a manner that all your sneakers are together, as are your flat shoes, heels pump, boots, and so on. Within those categories, organize items by the most use to the shoes you wear the least.
When you visualize your result, follow these two inspirational tips.
Imagine that you are going to buy new shoes, how would you like to see them displayed? By color? By item style? By category?
Think about what would reduce the time you spend searching for a pair of shoes and speed up your process of grabbing what you need precisely?
I like to prepare my clothes with my shoes the night before; this makes getting ready in the morning easier.
Use bins with labels, clear shoe boxes, take some inspiring ideas on Pinterest or Instagram.
I have prepared a list of inspirations for organizing your shoes to give you some ideas of what you need to look for once you find something appealing.


You need to keep decluttering your shoe collection until you narrow it down to the amount that will fit into the assigned space available, and you will be just left with the very best ones, the ones you wear with pleasure all the time. You will be thankful when the job is done.
The more you accomplish it, the more you become good at it.
I used to keep a bin in my laundry room, and each time I find something I don't want to keep, I put it right away in it.
Remove things you don't need or use is so addicting.

Consider to stop shopping by taking on a no shopping challenge. I did one for six months. It was life-changing.


Put some good music on

and let's do it!!!


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