DeCluttering Mudroom Challenge

DeCluttering  Mudroom Challenge
Decluttering the Mudroom Entryway

Don't you wish you could get out the door on time each morning, with everything you need at hand? And wouldn't it be fantastic if you walked into a crisp, uncluttered space where you had room to drop your stuff after a long day at school or work?

Turning your mudroom into a functional, attractive space isn't difficult with the right layout, storage accessories, and organization. A clutter-free entryway will save you time, frustration, and embarrassment.

Mudrooms are an essential transition area in many homes. It's the place where your family pulls things together as they head out the door each day—and where they dump everything as they walk back in.

Our mudroom contains all of the kids' coats, shoes, sports gear, sunglasses, backpacks, handbags- and so forth.

Perhaps you're like me and use multiple entryways to your home. In our case, there is the front door that we use mainly for guests. And we have the door leading to our garage that serves daily.

It's easy to let a mudroom get cluttered and dirty, but when you organize your mudroom, you help everyone save time getting out the door, and you'll limit those urgent searches for that missing shoe, scarf, or keys.


How to declutter your entryway

As you declutter your entryway, you'll sort items into different categories based on what you plan to do with each item. You'll probably need at least three boxes or trash bags for each type.

Trash or recycle - Trash items that are unusable and unrepairable.

  • Expired products, such as sunscreen, bug spray
  • Broken umbrellas
  • Damaged shoes
  • Gloves without a mate


Keep or Relocate - Remove all the things that shouldn't belong anymore to that space like and put them in a bin to redistribute them where it belongs:

  • Mail, flyers, paperwork

  • Out-of-season décor

  • Excessive or unwanted hats, gloves, scarves

  • Unwanted outerwear if too many

  • Outerwear that doesn't fit

  • Out-of-season outerwear

  • Extra hangers

  • Out-of-season accessories, such as pool bags, sunscreen, hand warmers, bug spray

  • Excessive pairs of shoes (allow each family member to store the 1-2 pairs of shoes they use most)

Donate - Items you no longer use, need, or love, and that are still in good condition. Put the basket out of sight but accessible (ex. I have the habit of keeping my laundry). You will continue to add to as, and when it' full and you want to give it, you can go to drop the basket to your favorite donation center.

Put Away - Put away the items you're keeping.

Give to Someone Else  - Items you no longer use, need, or love that you know someone else would like to have.

Repair - Items you want to keep that need repair, and that you'll actually repair and that you will repair very quickly; if you don't get rid of it immediately.


Set Up Your Mudroom for Success

You should also ensure that everything you need to get out the door in the morning has its place in your entryway or mudroom.

Functionality is an essential aspect of setting up a mudroom, but that doesn't mean there's no room for making it gorgeous. Your mudroom is still part of your home, and it deserves to look just as high as any other room. A fresh coat of paint, accent pieces that are functional and attractive, and other decorative touches can make your mudroom a more pleasant space. Who knows—those decorative touches may even cause the kids to think twice about making the mudroom a big mess.

Once you have the design down, organize your mudroom based on how your family will use the space. If you have children, create shelves and storage areas with easy access. As you design, keep in mind storage solutions like hooks for hanging coats, or jackets, bins for gloves, scarves, glasses and sporting goods, shelves for shoes, small bowls for keys and change. Add a bench to your mudroom to motivate everyone to take their shoes off before tracking dirt into the house.

Even if you have durable flooring in the mudroom, place a mat inside and outside your entry door to catch dirt. Use a carpet outside; you can vacuum and a washable one indoors.

The baskets are perfect for helping you organize your mudroom. To help keep each family member organized, assign a personal area, or dedicate a bin to each person. Think to label each basket, so there will be no excuse.

For the umbrellas, any cylinder can serve as an umbrella keeper, but there are plenty of suitable containers at most decorating stores, so get creative and make it your own.

Use that open space for a shelf, hooks, or another setup for handy hat storage or scarves or leashes.

Create a control center since most of your family will pass through your mudroom at least once a day, a prominent message center for notes, calendars, and reminders is a great addition.

It can be handy to have a mirror in your mudroom for last-minute checks before you walk out the door. Plus, it adds a nice decorative touch.

For garage mudroom, you can create an indoor drip tray for wet shoes, snow-crusted boots, and umbrellas. You can purchase one or make your own with a metal rack and plastic catch basin to keep your mudroom dry. Add a boot scraper outside next to the door in snowy or muddy areas to keep as much dirt outside as possible. Add a hook for a raincoat.


The benefits of a decluttered entryway:

 A cluttered entryway, foyer, or mudroom might not seem like a big deal.  However, there are plenty of reasons why learning how to declutter your entryway will make your life easier.

The advantages of a functional entrance are numerous.

First, a cluttered entryway can be a source of embarrassment.  Welcoming friends, family, and neighbors into a cluttered space can cause your face to sear with the heat of humiliation.  A decluttered entryway, mudroom, or foyer will be much more inviting to guests but also for you!

When your entryway is cluttered, you are probably spending extra time on your morning routine.  Wasting time looking for the shoes, coat, bags, and keys you need might make you late for work!  A decluttered entryway makes it easier for you to find what you need quickly so that you can get out the door in less time, and less stress.

A cluttered entryway can also lead to frustration and a poor start to the day.  It's annoying when you can't find what you need amid a sea of random stuff, just before you need to leave for the day.  You might also feel frustrated by all the extra things your family let in your entryway. 


Decluttering is, therefore, the perfect solution to an entryway overflowing with stuff!

Now that you've overhauled your mudroom and turned it into a functional space, you have to make sure everyone is on board to keep it clean and uncluttered. Set some house rules for creating some habits that will help you keep things neat and uncluttered. Whether you use a calendar or a list of chores, make sure the mudroom makes a list.

Although you can unclutter your entryway, mudroom, or foyer throughout the year, you might want to declutter it in the spring and fall to remove and add seasonal items.  You'll be ready for significant seasonal changes as a result.


Are you convinced yet? 

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