Tidyng up Process


Have nothing in your houses that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.

- William Morris


Tidying up isn’t easy for everyone!


It isn’t a process we learn at school or alike. Of course, generally, your parents teach you to sort out your belongings, to tidy up your clothes, your toys, your papers… But how to maintain the practice in the long term? Are you sure that you keep tidy in the best and efficient way? Here go our tips about the tidying up process.


Start the tidying up process

Step by step, we help you in the tidying up process for your home and office. You will know exactly how to get from a mess to a tidy and organized place.

To do so, it is really important to first know yourself. To determine your needs, goals, lifestyle, and what you want for the spaces in question.

If you need support, we will be happy to discuss it together, to get to know you and schedule a consultation at your home or office. Don’t worry, you don’t need to clean up before! The aim of the process is to first see your space as it is, without any judgment. That’s how we will see what it isn’t working for you. So, we will start the tidying up process by planning your space.

In fact, the cost of organizing your home, your office, your different spaces, depends logically on the amount of mess you have, your amount of space, how many organizers will be needed. Don’t worry, everything will be discussed and together we will make a great job at tidying things up!

Planning the tidying up process

Then, it will be time to plan! After discussing and meeting time, we will create a personalized plan of action for your space with objectives, related actions, and time estimation. Once you have the plan, it will be time starting planning and doing!

Sometimes, you think tidying up some rooms is a huge task. But in fact, when you know how to do it well, it might need just a few productive hours! Larger projects can be separated in different sessions of four to six hours each. Full-day sessions are only for special situations such as moves or home inventories… Which is really interesting too!

Tidying up process

In general, it does take time to tidy up. Time flies during a session. At the end of each session, you will be able to see important improvements and changes that are really concrete for you. Also, it is very important for the tidying up process, to determine a timeline for completion and the different steps to achieve your goals.

For tidying up, let's start by sorting out your items and decide what to keep, throw away, donate, repair, clean, storage or move in another room. See it as a positive experience, you are in control of your home and your life! You can work side by side with you or we can do it all for you using our own efficiency and expertise in tidying up, organizing, with minimalism. Of course, whether we do it together or now, we always make sure it matches perfectly your own needs and preferences.

After sorting out, an important step is to create some organizational systems that are fit for you in the long term. Think about new containers or storage items in case too. If you need it, we can also review your progress and organize a follow-up.

Once the process is finished, you will be happy to enjoy a fresh and organized space! Don’t forget to keep your space looking nice, functioning, practical. Practice and patience are key for the tidying up process.

Don’t hesitate to step forward and decide to maintain a tidy home and or office!


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