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NeatlyNice Natalie Manas



My philosophy is Live Simply.

I am French. I have worked as an Executive Assistant for 20 years in France, Italy, and Belgium. I have been homeschooling my only son during his middle school and high school years. I have learned a lot during these years. I have just started my company working as a Home Organizer in Houston, Texas, after having been relocated for my job. I think I have always been an organizer. But now, I would like to share my passion and my experience by helping others.

I have strengthened my foundation and gain new skills to share with my clients through NAPO, who offers support, ideas, and tools.
I have passed with success various Certificates, and I continue to learn each day.

I am a NAPO Professional organizer with NeatlyTidy. I am genuinely passionate about tidying. I specialize in Digitizing and Inventories in Greater Houston areas. But I still thrilled to do residential Organizing. If you or someone you know needs to go from disorganized to organized, call me at (281) 960-2574.

Don’t mess with your mess!  


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